Teaser trailer for my upcoming short film titled "37". A 60's Spaghetti Western / 90's Hong Kong Action hybrid dedicated to those who are always on the move, but are never on the run. Those who love so fiercely, that they would take all the hurt away from those that they care about, and gladly place it upon themselves. This was made for you...

Behind the Scenes

Created during my 4th year at the Art Center College of Design

Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Concept Artist, Editor, Colourist & Project Manager: Nguyen Do
Director of Photography: Mike Mitchell
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Bayne
Produced by: Nguyen Do & Marc Secher
Cast: Tatiana Dekhtyar, Nazanin Mandi, Peter Cluff
Assistant Cinematographer & Gaffer: Kyle Murphey
2nd Assistant Director: Sonja Johnson
Production Design by: Paul Saskas & Jorel Porcile
Styling by: Jorel Porcile & Nguyen Do
Make-Up & Hair by: Karen Huitsing
Storyboards by: Fernando Olmedo, Zander Bice & Nguyen Do
Logo Designer: Alex Nassour
Stunt Driver: Jack Gennuso
Music by: Money Mark & Nguyen Do
Thanks to: Antelope Valley Film Office, George Gennuso, Chris Gennuso, Ming Tai, Nik Hafermaas.

© 2012 Nguyen Do